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Unveil Smooth Skin

Embrace your natural beauty with Simin Laser's latest laser technology and newest machines for aesthetic threatments
Give Yourself Love
Treat yourself and your skin. With an affordable and effective non-surgical treatments that really work
Ready to Assist
Our specialist would get you the best personalized skin plan specifically to your problems and your skin type on a free consultation
SP Dynamis Pro
Experience unrivaled cosmetic treatments with a machine that delivers advanced performance and exceptional results for skin rejuvenation
Transform your body with a revolutionary device that burns fat and builds muscle at the same time, helping you achieve a sculpted physique like never before
StarWalker MaQX
Discover the ultimate in tattoo removal
and skin revitalization with an advanced device designed for precise and effective treatments for flawless skin
Our Services
At Simin Laser all dermal and laser technicians are trained and certified. So you can be confident that your treatments are being performed to the highest standard
Laser Hair Removal
No more painful wax appointments or rushing with razors
Acne Scar Revision
A non-invasive & invasive and relatively painless treatment that can be completed in a relatively short amount of time
Vector Lift
A novel method that offers a non-surgical approach to lift eyebrows and rejuvenate the upper eyelids